Superhero Party Starring You and Your Friends

Explosive, action packed, stunt thrilled Stunt Park Superhero Party adventures for both children and adults. Our Superheroes teach you their unique skills and superpowers to fight the baddies. The party package includes a range of interactive stunt activities.

Choose a Superhero theme to create a memorable event. Spiderman spinning his wonderful webs?  Wonder Woman sliding on shields? We will create a heroic adventure with your favourite Superhero. Learn how to be a real Superhero, perform mind blowing stunts and save the planet while having fun!

Superheroes Battling Baddies

Our staged fight scenes will help give our apprentice Superheroes their superpowers!

Good always wins against evil!

Enter a fantasy world full of thrilling  excitement and danger!

Superhero Party Pulsating Package

Run for 3 hours of action packed entertainment.

Your Favourite Superhero makes a grand entrance showing off their cool superpowers!

You get Superhero training.

Learn to perform Superhero stunts, looking as cool as humanly possible!

Superhero Stunt Activities include:

  • Obstacle Race
  • Flying on Wires
  • Low Falls
  • Trampolines
  • Mini action scene

For kids’ parties, a finale with Kids against Parents!

Stunt Performing Superhero Entertainers

All the Superheroes at Stunt Park appear in the costume of the selected theme. Our highly skilled stunt trainers and performers are very experienced with fun and engaging personalities.

The Stunt Park team performs regularly at many events. Many of our team members have backgrounds in acting. Our superhero characters make a dramatic entrance making your themed party that extra special!

The popular, iconic character, Wonder Woman is the most enduring super heroine in comic book history. Join Wonder Woman sliding on shields, thrusting baddies off towers and wielding swords. Swing with Spider-Man, smash with the Hulk’s immense size and strength, fly with Iron Man or Superman, respond with Captain America’s fearless and ready for action attitude!

Our iconic Superhero characters include:

  • Batman
  • Spider-Man
  • Superman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Captain America
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Iron Man
  • Plus Many More

We are flexible in building Superhero Party ideas to suit you.

Please contact us so our Party Planners can start organising your Superhero party activities today.