Ninja Warrior Kids

Obstacle Ninja Warrior Kids For Fitness and Fun

Ninja Warrior Kids has started at Stunt Park. This is inspired by the wonderfully successful television show sparking amazing interest from our community. Our facility has fun kids’ activities that benefit your child’s health. Our special built obstacles build balance, co-ordination, strength and endurance. Please Contact Stunt Park for enrolment details.

Our brand new, innovative Ninja Warrior Kids event will run for a 4 week block on Saturdays 10 am to 11:15 am. More 4 week blocks will be added with dates to be announced.

The kids will get to use many different, challenging Ninja Warrior obstacles and each week more advanced apparatus will be added. The cost is $100 for the 4 week program, discounts for families.

Ninja Warrior Kids

Ninja Warrior Kids has started with a bang.

Posted by Stunt Park on Monday, August 7, 2017

Future Ninja Warriors

Ninja Warrior Kids sessions, our very popular Stunt Academy Kids Training program is back, now with a new format.

As seen on Channel 9 TV, the family friendly Australian Ninja Warrior challenge was a blast, inspiring a future generation of ninja warriors to tame obstacle courses.

Proudly, we announce that many of the Australian Ninja Warrior finalists trained at Stunt Park. This was under the instruction of Australian Ninja Warrior semi-finalist, our very own Shane Elisara pictured defeating The Bridge of Blades: A series of rotating steps where agility is key.

We invite our Stunt Kids students to join us for Ninja Warrior training on the same obstacle course!

Ninja Warrior Kids Program

Running for 4 consecutive Saturdays, students will participate in a variety of stunt training activities, always starting with the obstacle course each week for warm-up. Other activities could include tumblinghigh fallsflying on wiresmini trampoline, and abseiling.

Next block starts on Saturday 5th August to Saturday 26th August. Sessions run for 1 hour 15 minutes.

Ages 6-16 and all levels of experience are welcome at Stunt Park. Cost is only $100 for 4 weeks. Family discount applies for 2 or more children.

Bookings are essential so get in early to secure a session to have fun and make friends.

Thrilling, Challenging Activities Building Body Strength, Co-ordination and Self-Confidence

  • Obstacle Course
  • Cargo Net Climbs
  • Quintuple Steps
  • Spinning Log
  • Hanging Olympic Arm Rings
  • Hanging Tyres
  • Traversing Horizontal Ladders
  • Pole Grasper
  • Parallel Bars
  • Wall Climbing
  • Tumbling
  • Mini Trampoline
  • High Falls
  • Abseiling
  • Flying on Wires

Ninja Warrior is Making Kids More Active and it’s Fun

Australian Ninja Warrior was the perfect opportunity for children to see the benefits of hard work. The contestants are true athletes who built their fitness and strength. Most significantly, they worked hard to achieve agility and tenacity.

That is a great message for kids to learn.

Our highly qualified Stunt Park instructors ensure that all safety procedures are followed. The kids will thoroughly enjoy the adventurous experience and build good stamina.

So our advice is for kids to practice as much as they can and have fun while boosting their self-confidence too.

Ninja Warrior Kids Training Features

Everyone who watched Australian Ninja Warrior knows that it requires an incredibly high degree of upper body strength, as well as balance and coordination.

Stunt Park has specific training features for building ninja warrior kids’ skills:

  • Balance
  • Grip strength
  • Upper body strength
  • Obstacle specific training

Balance for Ninja Warrior Kids

Balance Beam

Your balance helps you better prepare for overcoming dynamic obstacles.

We start by getting the kids comfortable walking on a Balance Beam.

Our personal instructor guide the children to improve their Beam Skills.

The best ways our young ninjas can improve on the balance beam is by developing core body strength, body awareness, and confidence.

Building stronger stomach, back and hip muscles will help the kids keep maintain their balance, and control muscle movements.

Balance for Ninja Warrior Kids

Log Rolling

Then it’s time to discover another iconic obstacle, Log Rolling.

A great overall fitness, fun challenge, log rolling builds balance and co-ordination.

The American Council of Exercise’s study found benefits of log rolling Sounds like it’s time to get rolling kids!

Stunt Park instructors are always there for supporting the kids to help them gain confidence in their ability to succeed.

Then it’s work on jumping from one surface to another, forcing rapid balance adjustments.

Balance for Ninja Warrior Kids

Quintuple Steps

Quintuple Steps is where our young ninjas have to jump across six platforms that are angled 45° degrees toward the centre. The platforms are positioned right, left, right, left etc.

Defeating our Quintuple Steps requires both speed and balance.

Our skilled instructors will teach you the techniques to conquer the steps.

Tip 1 stay low on each of the Quintuple Steps: the lower you are on the step than the closer you are to the next step!

Grip Strength for Ninja Warrior Kids

The Ninja Warrior Kids learn to hang from their arms with their hands in a variety of grip positions.

They build grip strength while suspending their body off the ground while holding onto a mixture of horizontal and vertical obstacles.

Fitness experts encourage building grip strength as forearm, wrist, and hand strength is essential to both lifting power and stamina.

Arm rings

Grip strength is very important for defeating obstacles in Australian Ninja Warriorlike the Arm Rings.

The Ninja Warrior Kids’ grip work includes short and explosive activities to build grip strength.

This also improves the young ones’ ability to grasp a variety of objects.

Most significantly, some of our grip work is light, long and slow.

These activities build grip endurance and the ability to hold on the equipment for long periods of time.

Upper Body Strength for Ninja Warrior Kids

Ring Swinging

The kids first practice swinging like Tarzan through Rows of Rings.

They get comfortable hanging from one arm, while they swing and reach with their free hand.

Our instructors encourage them to not just swing in a straight line. Challenging our Ninja Warriors to zigzag and even move through different elevations.


You must be able to move your own body weight around. Swing at the right time when you’re not fighting against the ring’s momentum, you’re just going with it.

We also drill our ninja warrior kids in overcoming specific obstacles.

Our ninjas get into the swing of things at Stunt Park on features including:

  • Tyre Hanging
  • Mini Tramp
  • Apex Wall
  • Cargo Net, and a wide variety of
  • Balancing and hanging obstacles

At Stunt Park, we are creative in training our future ninja warriors.

We focus on a mix of:

  • Hanging upper body strength, and
  • Lower body balance/coordination skills

Obstacle-Specific Training for Ninja Warrior Kids

Mini Tramp Fundamentals

As seen in Australian Ninja Warrior, a ninja jumps on the trampoline with the wrong angle and they are catapulted out of the competition. The mini-tramp is an essential skill for any ninja warrior to propel themselves higher in the air than with just leg power. If you have gymnastics experience, understanding how to approach a trampoline is quite easy.

Tip number one is that it’s important to get the correct bounce off of the mini-tramp. The feature requires upward lift, high enough for competitors to get their arms to grab say a cargo net, or both height and distance. Many participants defeated by obstacles failed by simply not getting sufficient bounce.

Our skilled Stunt Park instructors train the young ninjas in mini tramp technique, tips, and drills. They will cover aspects including:

  • Body position
  • Angle of approach
  • Arm position
  • Various obstacle setups
  • Drills to develop strength and muscle memory

Ninja Warrior Kids Encouraging Self Belief

Many fit athletic competitors failed in the first round of Australian Ninja Warrior.

They slip and fell; they lost their grip; they fell short of their jump; their arms gave out from the strain.

Therefore, Stunt Park instructors encourage the kids to focus on the mental training needed to prepare for competition.

It is so important for our Ninja Warrior Kids to believe that they can conquer an obstacle and make it all the way to the end of the course.

Make Sure Ninja Warrior Kids Have Fun

Preparing yourself physically with training and workouts is crucial.

Similarly, preparing yourself mentally is equally significant. We show you how it helps to break your goal down into small steps instead of trying to conquer it as a whole.

Isaac Caldiero believes his mental strength gave him an advantage in winning America’s first ever Ninja Warrior competition. His advice is to stay motivatedto work out hard, stay focused and optimistic, and be open to help and support when you need it. Most importantly, make sure you’re having fun!

At the end of Ninja Warrior Kids program, if your child is hooked action and stunts, book our popular Stunt Kids Academy introductory class.

Ninja Warrior Kids Program Information


Stunt Park, Nerang, Queensland, Australia

How to Get There?

Stunt Park is located behind the Prana Centre, corner Price St and Brisbane Freeway, 7027 Southport Nerang Road, Nerang Exit 69 off Pacific Motorway M1


Saturday 10 – 11:15 am
Jan 20, 27
Feb 3, 10

Dress Code?

Wear comfortable clothing.


Takes place in all weather conditions.


Spectators are welcome should you wish to impress a captive audience on the day.


$100 (AUD) 6 to 16 years
Bookings essential
Please call 0412 455 005 before booking